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Membership. Dues and Sponsorship

Section 1

Membership: The membership shall consist of persons of all ages.

With the exception of Associate Membership, all candidates must attend at least one meeting or other club activity previous to being voted in as a member.

Associate members must turn in their Associate Membership form, Release of Liability and the appropriate fees to a Board member prior to being allowed entry to the arena.

Membership shall be considered by the Board of Directors and presented to the general membership for approval. All potential new members will read the By-Laws, Arena and Standing Rules; complete an application form; sign releases of liability for all members of the family and pay dues.

Any member who places the Sebastopol Wranglers in jeopardy by willful disregard, as deemed by the Board of Directors, for club standing rules, arena rules and By-Laws or whose conduct is calculated to impair the good name or purpose of the Club is subject to:

A probational membership period designated by the Board of Directors and/or

Termination of membership after consideration and a vote of membership.

Members who are minors must join the Club with at least one legally responsible adult joining with them. Legally responsible is per IRS household standards.

No members 17 years of age and under will be allowed to participate in any activities or be on Sebastopol Wrangler Property without being in the care of a responsible adult member and said adult have a signed permission to ride and medical release for said minor.

Membership classes are:

Adult - must be 18 or over

Family – a family will consist of immediate family members as per IRS household standards

Junior with adult membership – Junior member does not have a vote

Lifetime – may be offered to family or individuals. A member must be in good standing for 5 continuous years. The Board of Directors must approve lifetime membership. Lifetime members must provide a Release of Liability for any year that they ride. All rights of membership cease upon the member’s death or dissolution

Adult Associate – an adult member (18 years or over) non-riding, non-voting and no work hours required

Only adult members will have voting privileges

The current Board will recommend membership form changes no later than September of the current year for the next year’s use.

No non-members are allowed on the Sebastopol Wrangler grounds unless it is an open event or the person is a contracted worked.

Section 2

Dues: Dues are as follows:

Non-Working Membership. All non-working members will pay dues as stated in the current year application for membership and not be required to complete work hours.

Working Membership. Working members will pay dues as stated in the current year application Work hours may be counted for workdays, Club Events, snack shack, committee work, board meetings and for a maximum of four general meetings per year. All work performed must be given in writing to the membership chair, on or before the General Meeting of the month the work was performed.

Members 17 and under are considered Junior Members and will pay dues as stated in current year application for membership per year per person.

Lifetime Membership may be offered to families or individuals for the one time fee of 10 times their current membership.

Associate Membership. All Associate Members will pay dues as stated in the current year Associate Member application and not be required to complete work hours.

Only adult members will have voting privileges. Juniors may vote on junior issues at junior meetings and may speak at general meetings on issues affecting junior members.

Section 3

Payment of Dues: Dues are payable by the second meeting of the year. The name of any member failing to pay his or her dues by the regular meeting in March of each year shall be dropped from  mailing list and all his or her privileges in the club shall be forfeited. Any member who does not complete his/her required hours from the previous year will not be able to renew as a member unless he/she pays amount as stated in the current year application for membership per uncompleted hour(s). Renewals not paid by the regular March meeting will accrue a 50% late fee or may not renew until the following year.

Section 4

Combination: The combination to the arena will be changed after the end of the current year. Any member giving out the combination to a non-member will result in forfeiture of membership. Combination will be issued upon receipt of membership approval.

Section 5

Resignations and Withdrawls: Written resignations of membership may be submitted at regular membership meetings or to the Board of Directors. A member in good standing may request a withdrawal for a specific amount of time, and ask to remain in good standing. The request should be in the form of a letter of intent, stating the purpose and duration of the withdrawal. The Board would then make a recommendation to the membership for approval. Dues are non-refundable.

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